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I’ll have time on Sunday.

Doubtful. I quickly learned the Sunday task list is like the new Monday diet. As much as you want to clear your plate of housework, work projects, family obligations and random errands, it often is unachievable.

Time isn’t always on our side. Days, weeks pass and before you know it your out of clean black slacks and your husband asks if he should order Chinese takeout for the third night in a row. You ask yourself “How did this happen? What did I do all weekend that I couldn’t run to the grocery store or throw in a load of my own laundry?”

Well, maybe it’s because you worked a 60-hour work week, went on a cleaning rampage, helped your Mother-In-Law set-up her iPad®, ran to Target® to get best friend’s 3-year-old a birthday gift, which you would later be attending…not to mention the 20 other errands that took up the rest of your week. All Allowing you to get an average of 6.5 hours sleep per night.

I use to roll my eyes at the women who color coded their agenda and brought a salad in a mason jar to work. They even had time to pick up sunflower seeds and make their own lemon-vinaigrette dressing.

One day, while looking down at my mismatched socks, I had a moment of self-reflection. I needed to organize my life. I was wasting so much time with last minute requests, that I truly never accomplished any personal tasks! My goals of turning my starter home into a forever palace, train for a marathon or master grandma’s pasta sauce seemed so distance. I needed a change.

I right then and there began to search for education. I was printing anything I could to learn…all the tips, tricks and to-do’s to better organize my life. After months of trial and error I found multiple practices that worked. My stress started to fade, I was happy and felt a sense a relief for the first time in years.

My new outlook on life was noticed by my friends & family, particularly Keri. With a wedding right around the corner, Keri had the desire to focus on organizing her life and making the most out of her days.

With our new outlook, Keri and I felt we needed to share our knowledge, findings and experiences with the world. We decided to create a platform, focused on healthy living tips while exploring new ideas on how-to enhance the home & time management.

Welcome to A Dash of Neat

A blog created to minimize the chaos of clutter and inspire clean, chic living.

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