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Holiday Away

Nothing quite signals the start of the New Year like facing the task of packing up your holiday décor. Instead of carelessly throwing it in a basement closet until you have to deal with it next winter, why not approach it with order and organization? For years to come, unpacking and packing your holiday items will be a breeze.


Here’s How to Seamlessly Attack Your Holiday Away

1. Prep your supplies.

Take a look at your current holiday storage bins and decide if they are working for you. People commonly use only extra large bins for their holiday items, which means smaller items are thrown in without much consideration or care. Hit the store and stock up on bins, making sure to buy a variety of sizes. It helps to use a system that can stack and be customized, like the Hefty® products we are using. You’ll also want a plan for storing fragile items. You can save up newspaper or packing paper, or buy a large role of recycled brown paper. If you aren’t using a bin with ornament sorter inserts, save your cardboard boxes from your holiday shipments to create custom DIY sorters.

2. Time to start!

Go around your entire home—inside and out—and gather your things, bringing them to a designated space. Take your time to make sure you have every last item before you start storing. Get a jump on the next step by grouping similar items together.

3. Once all your holiday things are in one place, make your categories.

These will vary by the person and family. At a minimum, these categories might include ornaments, wrapping paper and accessories, and figurines. If a category is starting to get large, consider if it can be split into smaller categories (i.e. white lights and colored lights).

4. Time to start putting things into proper bins.

Choose the smallest bin you can get away with per category so you aren’t wasting too much space inside—you probably won’t be collecting holiday items throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to consider the shape of the bin, not just the size. If you choose too deep of a bin for gift bags, for example, you aren’t likely to see or use the gift bags near the bottom of the bin. When it comes to bows, you can choose a deeper bin, since horizontal space isn’t necessary here.

holiday items

5. Tackle your fragile items.

Again, use the smallest bin possible, since you don’t want all of your fragile figurines stacked on top of one another. Get out your newspaper, wrap, and pack. Once the category is packed away, move on to the next category. If you are using labels, it can be helpful to put a label on two different sides of the bin, so you can decide which direction it will face later on.

6. Save your ornaments for last.

Grab your cardboard boxes, a pair of scissors, and a permanent marker if you are making DIY ornament sorters (make sure only adults are doing this project). It may help to group ornaments into small, medium, and large so you can make the most efficient dividers.

7. Stow your Holiday Away!

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