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Downsizing into a dorm room can be tricky. A lot of the best storage solutions are typically overlooked. Now is the time to shop for the items you’ll need! To help you utilize your entire space, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful products to help you stay organized during your first year on campus!

1. 3 Drawer Cart

Storage is great! But it can be an eye sore when it’s visible in your front space. Home Logic® has a 3 Drawer Cart with decorative fabric reversible drawers to spice up any dorm room. These fabric drawers come in different colors and patterns for every style. It’s time to say goodbye to basic, boring 3 drawer carts and hello to pretty fabric storage! Find at Walmart.


2. Shower Caddy

Pack all your shower essentials in a multi-compartment shower caddy. This shower accessory not only makes for easy travel but hey, it’s pretty too! Available in many color options at Bed Bath & Beyond!


3. Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

Shoes can take up a lot of room and make a dorm feel cluttered. Maximize closet space with this Over-The-Door shoe rack that has the ability to store up to 36 pairs of shoes. Available at Walmart.


4. Clip Light

We anticipate you will be spending hours studying at a desk. Maximize your study space with the Clip Light. It clips onto the edge of the desk, and it doesn’t hurt to add style to your desk with this sleek product. Find it here.


5. Over-the-Door Mirror

Every girl needs a long mirror to see her complete look! Keep the mirror out of the way by hanging it on the back of a bathroom or closet door. Check out this available Target product!


6. Wall File Sorter

There’s no room for paper clutter in a small dorm room. Whether it’s a syllabus or your new favorite take-out menu, keep track of important documents by utilizing a space or specific storage piece.  Our team of professionals here at A.D.O.N is a huge advocate of the wall file sorter. Check out your nearest office supply store or take a peek at this affordable product available at Walmart.


7. Drawer Organizers

Whether you need to organize school supplies or makeup, drawer organizers are great for the little things! These clear organizers from Made By Design™ make it easy to see what’s inside each container. The gray textured bottom allows items not to slide around inside your drawers or cabinets. Also perfect for organizing packaged food or medications!  Stand out from your roommates – Available here

4236 Reflecting Pond

8. Home Logic® Rolling Hamper

We are so angry they didn’t offer this when we were in college! The Rolling Hamper from Home Logic® is truly the BEST laundry basket/laundry hamper for college students. Carrying a heavy laundry organizer from the dorm room to the laundromat can be frustrating, and a lot of times painful! Thanks to this hamper on wheels, you are able to “roll out” of your dorm room in style! Check out the Rolling Hamper available now at!


9. Corner Shelving

Not only will you have more room for your belongings, but you’ll also have a shelf to place artwork and pictures on with an amazing conjoined corner shelf! When we said to use every little space, we meant it 😉 – Find the perfect solution here.


10. Weekly Planner

There are numerous types of  planners available. You can purchase one like this at Bed Bath & Beyond to hang on your wall, use a traditional personal planner, or allow the team at a dash of neat to save you some money and print our free Weekly Planner!


BONUS: Keep your dorm room clutter-free and start off on the right foot with new roommates! Avoid possible confrontation on cleaning responsibilities by downloading our free Cleaning Chart printable!

Each roommate can be assigned a chore to account for their weekly duties. Go check out our other fabulous free printables here!

Feel free to comment below with additional items you feel are college dorm room essentials!


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Happy dorm shopping!


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