Summer Travel – Organize your next BIG road trip!

Summer is finally here!

Along with the beautiful weather comes the urge to take time off and enjoy a quick get-away with friends or family!

Planning a weekend away or mini road trip can take a lot of time and extra effort, and packing can be the most tedious task in travel preparation.

To help keep focused and stress-free, we have put together the ultimate guide to prepping, preparing, & packing for your summer vacation, allowing you more time to enjoy!

Start with the EssentialsRoad Trip Essentials


First things first…figure out exactly what you and your companions will need for the duration of the trip.  Click to download our Essentials Checklist to organize and stage key travel essentials!

P A C K ‘ i n – i z e

Don’t just organize…PACK’in-ize! Definition? To survive short or long family car travel by packing strategically & saving precious leg room.

Take note of these helpful travel tips:

1. Toiletry Tote

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair products, cosmetics, deodorant, facial wipes, covered razors, q-tips, and all the other toiletry necessities should be stored in a deep tote and located in a readily available spot! This can be valuable for those quick pit stops and, upon arrival to your destination, this can help with the unloading process! Again, our team prefers to use a deep vs. wide storage bin to maximize space, similar to this Lowe’s® storage product.

FAMILY BONUS TIP: Create personal item bags for multiple co-pilots! The bag should hold a toothbrush and any other personals that are unique to that traveler. Mix these bags in with the universal toiletries.

2. Use recycled grocery bags for trash!

Bring multiple small plastic bags along for the ride. A neat car will keep you sane!

3. Under the seat

Electronics, DVD’s, games, books, phone chargers, dry foods, and a first aid kit are all necessary survival items! Fabric bins can easily slide right under your car seats, providing easy access and eliminating clutter. Check out the top selling  B+IN™ collection available at Bed, Bath & Beyond®. ***** 5 Stars

bin-1 bin-2

4. Maximize Space!

Besides trying not to over-pack, here are a few extra things you can do to maximize space during your road trip:

  • Adult Tetris – Study your car space prior to loading and test different configurations before just shoving items in the vehicle.
  • Communicate don’t duplicate –  Eliminate extras by communicating with travelers on what items can be shared – toothpaste, hair dryers, snacks, coolers, shampoo, and conditioner are just some ideas!

Compress – A new favorite?! The Hefty® SHRINK-PAK™ vacuum sealed storage & travel bags! Hefty’s® plastic storage bags will create more space inside your vehicle and in your suitcase. We tested the SHRINK-PAK bag to compress clean blankets, pillows, & sheets for an overnight camping trip. With the quick suction of our vacuum hose, we completely shrunk our bulkiest load! Check out these before and after shots:
packing-car-before-afterOn sale – Hefty® SHRINK-PAK collection at a great price!

5. BUT…use every inch!

The back seat windows count as open space! Hooked suction cups can be a useful tool to hang small purses, a light blanket, or a sweater! Small window storage pieces like the DII Mesh Pouch Organizers are available on Amazon and make a great car caddy.DII-Mesh-Pouch-Organizers.jpg

H A V E  F U N !

Yes, traveling with a large group isn’t always the easiest, but simple packing strategies can allow you more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Summer is finally here – Make the most of it

Have additional travel org. tips? Have a question for one of our professionals? Feel free to leave comments or questions below!

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