Dirty Laundry, Clean Secrets

How to Prepare for the Laundromat (psst… a great article for college students)

I’m not sure anyone likes to do laundry. Well, maybe. There is always that one friend that will claim she doesn’t mind it, but secretly you smile and think, “Girl, you’re lying.”

What is worse than actually doing laundry? Answer: It’s traveling to do it. I have physical and mental scars from my travels to the laundromat. To help others with the potential pain, our team at A Dash of Neat put ourselves back in the dorms and figured out the best practices in preparing for laundry outside your space! We may or may not have attended a sorority party during our back to college study. Be sure to share this post and tag the laundry explorers in your life; I’m sure it will be appreciated!


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Check out the Surviving Public Laundromats infographic on hauling your laundry smoothly to the Laundromat or a shared laundry room!

Laundry Graphic Blog.jpg1. Sort before you go.

You’ll want to be on your own turf when you separate your colors and your towels. Trust us. Use separate bags or baskets for the categories, or simply layer the categories back in your larger basket.

2. Consider haul-ability when buying a laundry basket or hamper.

Wheels may be your best friend, or you might consider a taller, slimmer style to fit through doorways easier. One basket might work well, or a few smaller ones might make for the easiest trips. Think about what works best for you.

3. Stock up on quarters (or load money onto your laundry card), detergent, and dryer sheets or balls.

Consider using a bag or bin for these products so they are easier to transport down the stairs or into your car.

4. Use laundry bags to separate delicates before they go into the hamper.

We’ve all made the mistake of washing a dry-clean only shirt or putting jeans in the dryer. Separate it from the start to avoid mishaps.

5. Pack a container of anti-bacterial wipes.

Before you start washing, give the tops and inside of the machines a quick clean.

6. Everybody else wants to do laundry Saturday morning, too.

Plan to do your laundry at an off-peak time and make it your weekly routine so you aren’t fighting for a machine. Plus, your local laundromat may offer specials during the week.

7. Stagger your machine start times a bit. Start your (pre-sorted!) loads one at a time.

This gives you a few minutes of built-in time to move them to a dryer after they are done washing. After the dryer, you’ll have another few minutes of staggered time to fold or stack back into your baskets. Don’t forget to give your baskets a swipe with the cleaning wipes before putting your clean clothes in there!

8. Pack entertainment and snacks!

Laundry is a lot more fun if you can catch up on your favorite shows or read a book while you wait.

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